Mystery Walkerville Families

This nearly 100-year-old photo was posted on my Windsor Ontario Then Facebook group by Dale MacRae-Barry, the great granddaughter of George Ernest Johnson, identified in the top row. Dale is hoping someone may recognize this photo and be able to provide her with some information.
(I love how the little girl in white with her elaborate ringlets and big hair bow, stands out from the crowd.)
This is what Dale knows:
George Ernest Johnson and his family lived in the Walkerville area when they came from England in 1913. They moved in with a family probably around 1915 who lived on Lincoln Road.
Before the 1911 census the address was 136 Lincoln and afterwards the address was changed to 349 Lincoln and was occupied by the Choate Family. It’s possible they are pictured in the photo above.
Here’s another little tidbit she found dated Oct. 16, 1914 from the Evening Record: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Choate, 349 Lincoln Road Walkerville announce the marriage of their daughter, Ruth Ethel to Mr. Thomas O’Brien of Sandwich.
If you can share any information with Dale about the Johnson, Choate or O’Brien families, please join the Windsor Ontario Then facebook group and add your comments, or comment below this post.

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How history was taught in my day: memorize lots of boring dates and facts, watch corny old black & white history films. There was one bright spot, however. Grade 9 history at Walkerville Collegiate with Miss Falls (Georgina) when she taught a section on local history and took us on a field trip to explore some of Windsor's built heritage. Due to a series of peculiar events, celebrating local history became part of my business. My company, Walkerville Publishing Inc., (partner is Chris Edwards) launched "The Walkerville Times" in 1999 and we produced 61 issues - the last in 2016. In 2004, we began producing local history books; that year we released "Best of The Times Magazine". Our current titles include 5000 Ways You Know You're From Detroit, 500 Ways You Know You're From Windsor, Walkerville - Whisky Town Extraordinaire, and Windsor Then - A Pictorial Essay of Windsor's Glorious Past. I also wrote a novel, Time Trespasser, that blends time travel with local history. I am working on a sequel. I am a writer, editor, blogger, photographer, mother, wife, sister, activist, traveller, gardener, knitter, glass is nearly full person.
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