Which Way to the Beach?

Ah, those lazy, hazy days of summer. While winter continues to hold us in its evil clutches, I thought I would tease you with this wonderful hand-colored postcard from Tim Baxter’s collection.

Judging by the groovy bathing suits, this looks like it would have been taken in about 1910. If you look closely at the sandbar, it appears to have chairs perched on it. That little island certainly looks inviting.

Alas, the bathing beach, along with the amusement park is no more.

Read about the glory days of BobLo Island here or in our local history book, “Best of The Times” available at Juniper Books on Ottawa St., Indigo Books, The Art Gallery of Windsor gift shop or online through our website:


About Elaine Weeks

How history was taught in my day: memorize lots of boring dates and facts, watch corny old black & white history films. There was one bright spot, however. Grade 9 history at Walkerville Collegiate with Miss Falls (Georgina) when she taught a section on local history and took us on a field trip to explore some of Windsor's built heritage. Due to a peculiar series of events, celebrating local history became part of my business. My company, (partner is Chris Edwards,) Walkerville Publishing Inc., launched "The Walkerville Times" in 1999, which in due course became "The Times Magazine". Our goal was to make history real. I am a writer, editor, blogger, photographer, mother, wife, sister, activist, traveller, gardener, knitter, masters track & field competitor (when I have time), glass is nearly full person.
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