50 Clues You Grew Up In Windsor

The mannequins in the window of Marvin's at Ottawa & Windermere seemed frozen in time. photo e. weeks

1. You once considered the gas station drinking glasses with sailboats on them fine china.
2. Your grade school field trips were: Jack Miner’s, Colasanti’s, and the Detroit Zoo.
3. You remember “Stop and Go” at the Devonshire Mall.
4. A night on the town was McDonalds and Fast Eddies.
5. You’ve caught yourself humming the jingle “You’re on the right track to Eight Mile and Mac”?
6. You find nothing strange about pronouncing the street “Pierre” as  Peerie.
7. Boblo was heaven on earth.
8. Le Chateau on Ouellette was the coolest, hippest store in town.
9. You attended a dance at the Croatian Centre.
10. Working on a school project meant a whole Sunday at the main downtown library.
11. You call all corner stores Mac’s Milk or Beckers.
12. You bought a pack of smokes for your Dad.
13. Belle Isle is a beautiful place in your memory.
14. You remember the other movie theatre on Ouellette or where the Holiday Inn was on the water front…(after  that you hit Fast Eddies on Riverside near Ouellette).
15. You bit your tongue tobogganing down Suicide Hill.
16. You took your driver’s exam in OLD WALKERVILLE.
17. You went to Oktoberfest at the Teutonia Club.
18. You were on “Swinging Time” with Robin Seymour.
19. You know how Rendezvous Estates got their name.
20. You made fun of someone for going to Shawnee.
21. Your parents took you to Captain Carnival for your birthday.
22. You referred to Tec Mall as the “welly mall”.
23. Bo Ric’s was a top-notch hair salon.
24. Your grade eight Grad outfit came from Woolco or Marvin’s.
25. You got your pop at the “Pop Shoppe”.
26. You skated backwards at Wheel’s to Bryan Adam’s song “Heaven”.
27. You were a social butterfly at various Bush Parties.
28. You went to “Mothers Pizza” on Ouellette
29. You were convinced that any kid that went to Herman, Forester or Lowe could kick your ass.
30. You remember when Lauzon Road was straight.
31. You ate lunch at Zellers or Woolco or Woolworth’s or Kresge’s.
32. You used to hang out at Windsor Arena to catch a glimpse of  Adam Graves.
33. The Peace Fountain was the first sign of spring.
34.  You remember watching Channel 9 Video Hits with Samantha Taylor.
35. You shunned anyone who lived on Drouillard Road.
36. You remember when “Howl at the Moon” was Peachys
37. You once dreamed of owning your own Cavalcade of Magic.
38. You or some member of your family works for Chrysler or Ford.
39. Cruising down Ouellette in your dad’s car was the best way to meet girls/guys.
40. You remember when the (Devonshire) Mall’s “new ” addition entailed a food  court, skylights and creepy mannequins holding kites.
41. You still refer to Shopper Drug Mart as BIG V.
42. Riding a bus was just 25 cents.
43.  Getting across the tunnel by bus to go see a $25 rock concert was cheap, simple and easy and that you could afford to go maybe 2 times a month.
44.  Someone would put dish soap in the “turtle” fountain on Ouellette and bubbles flew everywhere down the street.
45. You remember when you could actually make it downtown on fireworks night and find a good place to sit, and breathe okay?
46. You could take a drive to Belle River on a weekend and only have about 10 cars pass you.
47. You remember when they started building E. C. Row.
48. You swam in the Detroit River at Ford Bathing Beach.
49. You’ve had your picture taken with the Feather Hat Guy.
50. You know who Mr. Belvedere and Sir Graves Ghastly are.

If you enjoyed this walk through time, you’d probably love our award winning book on local history “Best of The Times Magazine”. We are almost sold out but some copies are still available at Indigo Books in St. Clair Beach, Juniper Books on Ottawa between Kildare and Argyle, The Art Gallery of Windsor gift shop or via paypal on The Walkerville Times archive site .

About Elaine Weeks

How history was taught in my day: memorize lots of boring dates and facts, watch corny old black & white history films. There was one bright spot, however. Grade 9 history at Walkerville Collegiate with Miss Falls (Georgina) when she taught a section on local history and took us on a field trip to explore some of Windsor's built heritage. Due to a series of peculiar events, celebrating local history became part of my business. My company, Walkerville Publishing Inc., (partner is Chris Edwards) launched "The Walkerville Times" in 1999 and we produced 61 issues - the last in 2016. In 2004, we began producing local history books; that year we released "Best of The Times Magazine". Our current titles include 5000 Ways You Know You're From Detroit, 500 Ways You Know You're From Windsor, Walkerville - Whisky Town Extraordinaire, and Windsor Then - A Pictorial Essay of Windsor's Glorious Past. I also wrote a novel, Time Trespasser, that blends time travel with local history. I am working on a sequel. I am a writer, editor, blogger, photographer, mother, wife, sister, activist, traveller, gardener, knitter, glass is nearly full person.
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56 Responses to 50 Clues You Grew Up In Windsor

  1. Who all worked at Mothers Pizza in the late 70’s. After work get togethers and parties were so much fun.

  2. Andy Frink says:

    Nice list, being from away I did know a couple. Hope you don’t mind, but here is my list as an FA that arrived in 2000 until lived in the Rose City until 2005:
    1.) Ferrari’s was for a late night meal, or early morning breakfast depending on the day.
    2.) As a male, the time the urinals actually flushed at the Bridge Tavern was a shock.
    3.) You remember the hole in the wall open to the outside in the men’s bathroom at the Bridge Tavern.
    4.) You ran across Alistair MacLeod in a west side pub.
    5.) You ran across Bob Probert in a bar.
    6.) You knew where to go if the game was at the Barn.
    7.) Drew and Mike were a must listen each morning.
    8.) The small movie theatre downtown was the bomb.
    9.) Rock Bottom Pub had the cool roll up doors in the summer.
    10.) Sandwich Town was a walking community, had a grocery store (Foodland), a department store (Biway), post office, restaurants, and pubs.
    11.) Seafood restaurant was Red Lobster.
    12.) A fancy dinner was in a restaurant on Erie St.
    13.) You walked the waterfront green amazed at the art and what a great public space the city developed.
    14.) You discovered there actually was a farmers market in Windsor.
    15.) You knew which restaurants were authentic Chinese and not just Canadianized.

  3. How about the Harry E. Guppy High School of Commerce.

  4. I arrived Windsor in 1969 and got about half of these.

  5. Ed Blake Jr. says:

    anyone remember when Tom Selleck visited some relatives in Amherstburg and it made the Windsor Star?

  6. Does anyone have any pictures of the HI HO restaurants from Windsor

  7. Ken Scuba says:

    I’m looking desperately for the clam chowder recipe from the Chicken Court Restaurant. It was a blush color and probably the best soup I’ve ever had.

  8. spocki23 says:

    Watching Soupy Sales, Captain Jolly, Poopdeck Paul,Jingles,Jerry Booth and Larry Sands,Sagebrush Shorty, Milky”s Party Time,Bongo Bailey, and Chatter. Who remembers these shows?

  9. How about the Jingle’s Show on Channel 9, with Jerry Booth, Herk and Cecile B.
    Boothland was built off Malden Rd. somewhere around Kelly Rd.and Snake Lane I think. Didn’t last too long though but really drew in the Americans.
    “O Boothland, My Boothland, let there always be”

  10. Strip Clubs like Tracy Starr’s, Captain Jolly, Johnny Ginger, Soupy Sales, and Swingin’ Time, with Robin Seymour.

  11. Julia Mercer says:

    #36 You remember when “Howl at the Moon” and Bull & Barrel was Peachys

  12. how about the ponderosa steak house?

  13. Dan Keltika says:

    Remember the May Day parades held on every May 1st!

  14. Deb Toth says:

    thanks for this, such great memories! add …thick windsor star newspapers even without the ads, festivals, Bobby Brews band played at nearly all events, pride in our city no matter your age, a real sense of community.

  15. Doug Collins says:

    Mario’s Pizza after a football night at Kennedy Stadium

  16. Does anyone remember the show Kelly and Company? Or Mel Farr Superstar commercials?

  17. Ken Shurget says:

    The Red Barn on Tecumseh and Central.

  18. Who remembers the $2 movie theatre in Devonshire Mall?

  19. Brenda Cowan says:

    Or roller skating at Wheels and when Brentwood was a dance hall….

  20. Brenda Cowan says:

    No one remembered the Red Barn WAY before McDonalds ever came to Canada….

  21. Clay Janisse says:

    Also the hours spend driving from the HI HO to Big Boys and then over to A&W and back.

  22. You remember when ON was only $22.50 a month.

  23. surprised there was no mention of the scary trips we made to Texas Rd. lol

  24. lol too cool…. the pizza place was CAPRI and still is for many .. and yep your on the right track to nine mile and Mac lol …..about 18 of them hit home for me …
    What about Art in the Park at Willistead and the Battle of the Bands in Jackson Park
    and The Red Barn was the place to meet .. or the Big Boy for non south Windsorites..
    Where going to Detroit you did as a teen buying school clothes with a friend ..no adult needed ..
    Tobogganed on 401 over passes lol .
    and so much more !!

  25. Roller skating at Riverside Arena – some of my best memories took place on the front lawn of Riverside Arena when skating was finished. Bill Kennedy Show Time on Sunday afternoons, Rita Bell at the Movies, the list could go on & on, depending which decade you were born in

  26. Maria Archer says:

    I think No 38 should be Chrysler or Fords. Everyone always added an s to Ford.

  27. Tim T Parent says:

    22. You referred to Tec Mall as the “welly mall”. I’ve never heard of the Tecumseh Mall called the welly mall, does anyone know why??

  28. ******FORSTER!!! Thats probably why you thought ppl that went there would kick your ass, cause you always spelt it wrong!!! FORSTER no E

  29. Addendum to #38:
    You pronounce “Chrysler” and “Ford” as “Chryslers” and “Fords”

  30. kefichef says:

    Gregoon Bash is not on the list?

  31. Bill Bewley says:

    You remember spending saturday nights watching the Goaul hosting B horror movies
    and wearing sping coats in the middle of winter

  32. I would have added the PeaBody bridge. You had never lived until you drove on that bridge.

  33. omg forgot about ch 20 decoders ,thats where i seen popye for 1st time ,how about chi-chis, olive garden? the farm, theme park on howard,omg i remember a few things

  34. I remember the Ford Field Bathing beach, only went once, but remember the stripped changing rooms, and everyone seemed like they were in heaven including me! All my exciting happenings as a kid were once but better than not at all.

  35. And don’t forget BOBLO ISLAND. xox

  36. soupy sales, kennedy at the movies. channel 20 decoders, channel 9 with a TALL tower, windsore star and canadian tire downtown . the lanc bomber in on a barge
    the sunken montrose under the bridge , the bridge was black and had no string of lights.

    the bust along university was the university bus. ………..no transway.
    and the busses were SW&A (sandwich windosr and amherstburg rail line………..in the 70’s

    Chrysler putplastic to “hide” the new cars.

    GM plant meant GM Trim in reiverside but GM Transmission everywhere else.

    MArty Adler on reach for the top, and the news and occassionally a sulkky driver at Windsor Raceway.

  37. does anyone remember the underground washrooms just easyt of ouellette on either chatham street or pit street

  38. Jacqueline Mobberley says:

    About 7 of those hit home for me and I lived at on “Perrie” St.

  39. Kari says:

    Ha! Nos. 29, 34 and 40 hit home for me… the creepy kite-flyers, ack!

    • Howard weeks says:

      I think it should be called 50 ways to know you were born in Windsor, and that your really old. BTW, I think it goes, “your on the right track to nine mile and Mac.”

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